For the past several years I have been making drawings and paintings on paper and wood panel inspired by my interest in deconstructionist philosophy and design.

Through my work I explore the way that repetitiveness is structured into discrete forms that are shaped by the prototype, which become the pattern, which become the system, which is itself repeating.

I am equally interested in systems of production, which could be anything manmade or found in nature—pattern as a means of being or appearing by way of repeating—the pattern as an act, a process, and a product.

As with each pattern, all of my work starts with a grid, and so I begin by hand-drawing a grid onto the surface. Then I create a blueprint in advance, based on various geometric ideas and color choices. At times I employ chance into the decision making process - literally rolling dice and painting the color that I’ve assigned to a given number. I then paint each pattern square-by-square and row-by-row, working from the bottom right corner across each row and then up the paper.